Here’s a perfect example of why properly prepared homes sell for more.

Right now, I have two listings on the same street that are similar in square footage. Today I’m going to show you why these seemingly identical homes will end up selling for different prices.

House No. 1 has some nice features, but it’s a little dated. There’s bad carpet, laminate countertops, and things haven’t been kept in top condition. The house is 2,100 sq ft and listed at $399,000. It’s going to sell under that price mainly because of its condition.

“Getting your home in its best possible condition is the way to go.”

The next house is in tip-top condition, and the homeowners made some improvements to the home as well. Fresh paint, new hardware, and great staging will ensure that this home is going to sell over its $399,000 list price. 

Getting your home in its best condition with a light remodel is absolutely the way to sell for top dollar in this market. If you have any questions about selling a home or what you can do to ensure a top-dollar sale, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.