Which Charleston area markets are moving the fastest right now? Today let’s discuss this crucial question.

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Usually, it takes an average of 60 to 90 days to sell a home in the Charleston area, but some local markets are an exception to this statistic. So, what are the fastest-selling markets in the Charleston area?

First off, there’s James Island, where listings are spending an average of just 39 days on the market. As a higher-priced market, this location is an exception to the rule, since it’s usually lower-priced markets that tend to have faster transactions. In James Island, though, the average sales price is $410,000.

This means that if you have a James Island home and are thinking of selling, now may be a great time to do so.

Next, homes in West Ashley are selling in just 41 days on average for an average sales price of $343,000. And properties in Hanahan are also moving quickly, with listings spending an average of just 45 days on the market. Homes in Hanahan are also more affordable than those in certain other markets, as the average sales price is currently $250,000.

“Homeowners in any of these markets currently have the opportunity to sell quickly and earn a great price.”

Lastly, Johns Island is another great market with affordable prices and fast-moving transactions. In that market, homes tend to stay on the market for an average of 58 days. And the average list price in Johns Island is $359,000. Homeowners in any of the markets we covered today currently have the opportunity to sell quickly and earn a great price.

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