These are the top five things COVID-19 has changed in our market.

Here to help me today is my daughter, Ali Anne. The pandemic has changed everything in our world, and real estate is no exception. Today I’m discussing the top five effects the health crisis has had on our Charleston real estate market:

1. Virtual showings. If you want to see homes, you’ll be on your phone or computer with your real estate agent doing a Facetime tour of the house. This is currently the most widespread change in the real estate process.

“Buyers and sellers might not be present at closings anymore.”

2. Sanitary showings. Agents are wearing masks and gloves and removing their shoes when it’s necessary to enter a home.

3. Power of attorney closings. Buyers and sellers might not be present at closings anymore. At the closing, the attorney will typically sign for you. Your new keys may be mailed to you, or you’ll pick them up at a safe location.

4. Limited inventory. Many people aren’t listing their houses right now because they don’t want people in their homes due to coronavirus. 

5. Out of town buyers. We have many buyers coming into our area from larger cities such as New York, Jersey City, Boston, Charlotte, and even Houston. Charleston is a medium-sized city and therefore less densely populated. 

If you have any questions about buying a house or real estate in general, call or email us. We would love to help you.