If you’re looking for great deals on new homes in the Charleston area, I have a secret to share with you.

Are there any great deals left in the Charleston area? Yes, there are, and I’ll fill you in on how to find them today.

The secret to finding great deals in our area real estate market has a lot to do with new construction; we have seen a tremendous growth of new construction homes here. However, when it comes to the end of the fiscal year for builders, they’re highly motivated to sell their new properties. 

Many builders end their fiscal year at the end of September and some end it in December. If you were thinking of buying an investment property, now is the time.

Looking at a spec home—a home that has already been built and is very close to being finished— is a great opportunity for a good buy this September or December.

“If you were thinking of buying an investment property, now is the time.”

If you can close within those time frames, the builders will often be very negotiable on the prices. You can get a new house with a one-year home warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you have 12 months to get anything fixed. There is also oftentimes an option for a two-year warranty and a 10-year structural warranty.

To find out more about how to find a great new construction deal in Charleston, reach out to me and my team. We’d love to talk to you more about awesome market opportunities.