We are dedicated to helping make the world a healthier place.

Did you know that for every closing we oversee, we provide health care to 30 people that are in need in underprivileged areas? We partner with OneWorld Health to support the healthcare needs of people in Uganda and Nicaragua. My family and I just returned from a mission trip to Nicaragua, where we had a wonderful time working with OneWorld Health and a team of local Nicaraguan doctors and nurses to provide medical care.

“Our trip to Nicaragua served as a powerful reminder of the transformative effect of healthcare.”

In the places OneWorld Health serves, basic healthcare is never guaranteed – government healthcare systems are overwhelmed and underfunded; there aren’t enough doctors, supplies, and medicine; and too many patients who can’t afford treatment. All of this adds up to a powerful recipe for prolonging poverty.

Take a look at some of our great experiences working with One World Health. If you’d like to learn more about One World Health or how our partnership helps others, just call or email me. Thank you for helping us to make the world a healthier place!