Take advantage of our current market to set up a short-term rental.

If you’re thinking about buying a short-term rental property in 2023, there are a couple of things you should consider.

First, you want to make sure that the income will make sense for you. We’ll connect you with a property manager who’s an expert in short-term rentals to find out what the expenses are and what the gross actual and potential rental income can be for that property. Next, you’ll want to see if the property you’re buying is in a homeowner’s association. If it is in a homeowner’s association, that restricted area could reduce your ability to rent it as a short-term rental property.

“30-day rentals can be an excellent opportunity.”

We have a map of the areas in Charleston where short-term rentals are allowed, and we would love to share it with you. So if you want to look at the overlay map of where short-term rentals are allowed, reach out to me, and I would be happy to share that information with you. You could also do a 30-day rental. In areas where short-term rentals of less than 30 days are restricted, 30-day rentals can be an excellent opportunity for you.

If you’re thinking about doing a short-term or monthly rental, contact me and my real estate team at (843) 729-0302. We would love to talk to you about the details.