Here are your options for buying and selling in this market.

If you’re one of the hundreds of homeowners in our area who are thinking, “I’d love to sell my home, but there’s nothing to buy,” don’t fret. Here are the three main options you have in this situation:

1. Rent. You can rent a house for six months to a year while you’re shopping for a new property. This is a great option in our real estate market, and it provides plenty of time to find that perfect home. 

2. Vacation rental. We have a strong vacation rental market, so you could stay in an Airbnb or short vacation rental for four to six weeks while you shop for your new house. New properties will be coming onto the market, especially between now and June. 

“If you want to sell but can’t find anything to buy, you have three main options.”

3. Lease back your home. You can lease back your home from the buyer who’s purchasing it. Especially in a seller’s market like the one we’re currently in, you can make an arrangement where you and the buyer close on the house, then you lease the property from the buyer for a month or two while you look for another home to buy. 

If you’d like to talk or meet with me about these options or learn about others, I would love to do so. Call or email me; I hope to be your real estate resource.